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TVD Final Episode – “I Was Feeling Epic” Screencaps

March 13, 2017 | Gallery The Vampire Diaries

We could see Jodi as Jo in the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, even for a few seconds.

Here the screencaps and behind the scenes photos from the final episode.

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TVD Official Convention – Dallas

August 28, 2016 | The Vampire Diaries


Jodi attented TVD Official Convention – Dallas last weekend. Here, some notes and photos from the panel:

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TVD Burbank

June 25, 2016 | The Vampire Diaries

Jodi is spending her weekend in Burbank, California for The Vampire Diaries Con.
Day 1 notes from Gilded Lady:

– Jodi looks adorable in black shirt and shorts. She’s local. She walked to con. :)
– Jodi says Brochu forgot PJs so she’s giving Brochu a pink unicorn onesie.
– She’s misplaced her family. “They ditched me.”
– She found them! She took her nephew’s headphones off and dragged him on stage. He’s on stage as moral support. He looks bored.
– She felt a part of #TVDfamily within minutes of first day on set.
– Her nephew is now mocking her.
– Her favorite moment on Prison Break was everything. It was already her fave show before cast. She had to smile less.
– Talking Scare Wars and scaring crap out of Matt in morning (he’s not a morning person)
– Talking about being a bookworm. She read books before going on set. Always does when books available.
– She’s going to divorce Matt for cancelling. Said it’s been a year since she scared him. May have to remedy that.
– She’s taking a pic with guys again. “The dudes are crushing it in Burbank!”
– Cormac Mcarthy, Charlene Harris fave authors.
– Thinks Jo would be stoked about Care and Alaric raising the babies.
– She once slipped and feel in a shower scene. Most embarrassing day on any set.
– Trying to hook up her nephew with a 13 yo guest. The girl totally blushed.
– 14! An older woman! “My nephew is very mature.” He’s officially ran off back stage to get away.
– Jodi is behind by 7 eps. Asking for a recap for info like ‘my children are being exploited’ at tomorrow’s panel.
– She loved Lost. Didn’t mind being a part of the alternate universe. Fave project ever was Prison Break.
– From her understanding, producer of Prison Break just wanted core trio and new villains, but noted she had 2 days notice on Jo.
– She’s very modest. Love scenes are hard.
– Had super short time to prep for return as not!Jo. Dear in headlights look because she really was overwhelmed.
– Jodi is almost licensed bounty hunter. She and friend did it for experience b/c always using guns/knives on set & wanted to try.

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Notes From Creation Con Orlando

December 13, 2015 | Jodi The Vampire Diaries


My sweet friend Nicole gave me some highlights from yesterday, Jodi’s panel. Thank you so much Nicole :-*

  • Jodi was a unicorn for Halloween and so was her nephew.
  • She loves to eat.. a lot :)
  • She just remodeled her kitchen.
  • Her garage is her painting studio.
  • She is coming out with costume jewelry next year.
  • She talked about TVD. About the vampire blood going into her body but she doesn’t know if she would come back.
  • She said she is flying out today to go back to work.
  • She is just hoping she will be on the new Prison Break. (All she said was that Wentworth and Dom are the only ones signed on)
  • George is turning 8. She said dogs are the only animal she isn’t allergic to.
  • She loves TVD cast members. She called Chris Brouchi the cutest thing ever.

  • TVD Orlando – Con

    December 6, 2015 | The Vampire Diaries


    Jodi Lyn O’Keefe has just been booked making her very first Official TVD Convention Tour visit. She will appear on stage Saturday and sign autographs and do photo ops Saturday as well. She will sign on a complimentary basis for Gold Patrons, others may purchase her autograph for $30 if desired.

    The Vampire Diaries
    Official Convention

    Fri., Sat. & Sun
    December 11-13, 2015
    Tickets : here

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