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Legacies – ‘Mombie Dearest’ Episode Stills

Jodi will be in Legacies‘s 6th episode (Mombie Dearest) as Josette Laughlin. Episode stills from season 1 episode 6 Mombie Dearest of Legacies:

Tv Series > Legacies > Episode Stills 4 x 8 – Final Seconds

TVD Final Episode – “I Was Feeling Epic” Screencaps

March 13, 2017 | Gallery The Vampire Diaries

We could see Jodi as Jo in the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, even for a few seconds.

Here the screencaps and behind the scenes photos from the final episode.

Tv Series > The Vampire Diaries > Season 8 > 8 x 16 – I Was Feeling Epic

Tv Series > The Vampire Diaries > Season 8 > Behind the Scenes

TVD Official Convention – Dallas

August 28, 2016 | The Vampire Diaries


Jodi attented TVD Official Convention – Dallas last weekend. Here, some notes and photos from the panel:

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TVD Burbank

June 25, 2016 | The Vampire Diaries

Jodi is spending her weekend in Burbank, California for The Vampire Diaries Con.
Day 1 notes from Gilded Lady:

– Jodi looks adorable in black shirt and shorts. She’s local. She walked to con. :)
– Jodi says Brochu forgot PJs so she’s giving Brochu a pink unicorn onesie.
– She’s misplaced her family. “They ditched me.”
– She found them! She took her nephew’s headphones off and dragged him on stage. He’s on stage as moral support. He looks bored.
– She felt a part of #TVDfamily within minutes of first day on set.
– Her nephew is now mocking her.
– Her favorite moment on Prison Break was everything. It was already her fave show before cast. She had to smile less.
– Talking Scare Wars and scaring crap out of Matt in morning (he’s not a morning person)
– Talking about being a bookworm. She read books before going on set. Always does when books available.
– She’s going to divorce Matt for cancelling. Said it’s been a year since she scared him. May have to remedy that.
– She’s taking a pic with guys again. “The dudes are crushing it in Burbank!”
– Cormac Mcarthy, Charlene Harris fave authors.
– Thinks Jo would be stoked about Care and Alaric raising the babies.
– She once slipped and feel in a shower scene. Most embarrassing day on any set.
– Trying to hook up her nephew with a 13 yo guest. The girl totally blushed.
– 14! An older woman! “My nephew is very mature.” He’s officially ran off back stage to get away.
– Jodi is behind by 7 eps. Asking for a recap for info like ‘my children are being exploited’ at tomorrow’s panel.
– She loved Lost. Didn’t mind being a part of the alternate universe. Fave project ever was Prison Break.
– From her understanding, producer of Prison Break just wanted core trio and new villains, but noted she had 2 days notice on Jo.
– She’s very modest. Love scenes are hard.
– Had super short time to prep for return as not!Jo. Dear in headlights look because she really was overwhelmed.
– Jodi is almost licensed bounty hunter. She and friend did it for experience b/c always using guns/knives on set & wanted to try.

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Notes From Creation Con Orlando

December 13, 2015 | Jodi The Vampire Diaries


My sweet friend Nicole gave me some highlights from yesterday, Jodi’s panel. Thank you so much Nicole :-*

  • Jodi was a unicorn for Halloween and so was her nephew.
  • She loves to eat.. a lot :)
  • She just remodeled her kitchen.
  • Her garage is her painting studio.
  • She is coming out with costume jewelry next year.
  • She talked about TVD. About the vampire blood going into her body but she doesn’t know if she would come back.
  • She said she is flying out today to go back to work.
  • She is just hoping she will be on the new Prison Break. (All she said was that Wentworth and Dom are the only ones signed on)
  • George is turning 8. She said dogs are the only animal she isn’t allergic to.
  • She loves TVD cast members. She called Chris Brouchi the cutest thing ever.

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