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TVD Official Convention – Dallas

August 28, 2016 | The Vampire Diaries


Jodi attented TVD Official Convention – Dallas last weekend. Here, some notes and photos from the panel:

– Jodi is warning us she’s hyped on Americanos

– Jodi spent a year and a half here. And now she’s soliciting restaurant suggestions.

– Jodi “I was a vegan” Audience member. “I’m sorry.”

– Jodi said The Prison Break catering kept offering her meat. Hence no longer vegan.

“Only the girls are drinking?” Jodi encouraging drinking “I get funnier the more you drink!”

– Jodi is going on Chopped!! “I think I can cook!”

– Jodi has a month to prepare. She’s getting all kinds of advice on how to prepare.

“This motion does not look like churning ice cream.” Jodi then asks how young the youngest kid is.

– Jodi asked about taking home clothing. She’ll often buy jewelry she wore. She still has a ring from Halloween H20.

“That machine in the room doesn’t really make coffee.” Jodi called it “slightly brown water.

– Still no plans for Jodi to be on Prison Break, since limited series focuses on S1 characters.

– Jodi says what were they thinking making her a witch? She’s pale, has long hair and kinda sharp teeth.

– Jodi said Luke dying was the worst to film. She enjoyed playing with SFX.

– Jodi doing the lines from “She’s All That.”

– Jodi wanted to be a marine biologist. “I’m terrified of marine animals. Fucking terrified.”

– Jodi said every time she’s SCUBA dived she’s gotten bit by something, and she’s claustrophic. Not a good combo

– Jodi wants to be Evil Jo if resurrected. A fan says that’s cool, but only if she ends up with Alaric.

– Jodi says she’s coming back as a humanity-off vamp and taking out the nannny.

– Jodi said the goal of Scare Wars was to try and make Matt pee. They didn’t get there (as far as she knows)

– Jodi says “its for our safety” that she does not sing.

– Jodi wants to work with Tom Hardy. “I gotta know.”

– Jodi got mowed down by a group of 13 year old girls post She’s All That.

– Jodi wants to be on Stranger Things. She just binged it.

– Jodi I’ll take a Blanchett, a Winslet to work with. Any of the bonds.

– Jodi is pleased with the dude count.

– Jodi likes Stranger Things. Outlander (she’s a season behind). Loves Mel Brooks movies.

– Jodi Loves IT, original Halloween movies. Anything Stephen King. The Conjuring.

– Jodi says S1 of AHS was her favorite.

– Jodi says she’s is looking for a hubby like Chip from Fixer Upper.

– Jodi said she was born with eyebrows (unibrow) like Bert. She plucks daily.

– Jodi scared Jeri Ryan after freaking out when she was on an elevator

– Someone is teaching Jodi to Whip and Nene.

– And Jodi passed on trying for herself. But she did give the fan a hug.

– Jodi bragging about how she left last night at 11 and passed out at 11:15

– Jodi “I looked adorable…to go to sleep alone.”

– Jodi missed the most her fake husband Matt Davis . And have no project for now.

– Jodi say fans brought her back through the power of the hashtag.

– Jodi told by a fan that “they got the wrong one” to play Wonder Woman and she should play her instead. “I support that.”

– Jodi offered a jello shot. She said yes…for later. She’s only had coffee so far. Fave drink red wine or mojito.

– Jodi “How old are the kids… fuck it.” Talking about Nash Bridges and some definite potty humor going on.

– Jodi asked if she would do stand up, since she has such good timing. “No more questions, just an hour of my shitty stand up.”

– Jodi likes stunt work, but shows don’t always let her. “If you die, how do we complete the shoot?”

– Jodi is Team Damon. “He’s so pretty.”

– Jodi two hardest things: 1) make someone laugh on cue, 2) cry on demand.

– Jodi liked Gilged Lady’s hashtag #killthenanny

– Jodi said Paul Walker was one of the sweetest people she ever got to meet.

– Jodi “my dream last night was super dirty last night!” Actually dream is a dog rescue.

– Jodi ankle tattoo is a cover up of He Who Must Not Be Named. Other ankle is her initials (in process)

~ Gilged Lady ~

– Q: If you came back, would you kill Damon after he killed Kai?
Jodi: No. No. No. He can’t help it. Plus his eyes are just so blue.

– Prison Break is with characters from season 1. Jodi hopes to be in the next season as they’ll bring season 2 cast members.

– Jodi wished she had been a vampire on #TVD especially since she has the black hair and sharp teeth already.

– Jodi said her famous Taylor Vaughan line, “Oh, you did? That’s so sweet.” She still got it.

– Jodi said she wants Jo to be resurrected and to come back as a vampire and kill the new hot nanny Alaric hired.

– Jodi : “you get stuck with me for two days in a row now.” Crowd cheers.

– Jodi prays to be back on Prison Break because Gretchen still has people to kill.

– Jodi came back on the show because the fans wanted it. “Power of the Internet! Hashtags work people.”

– A fan told Jodi she would be a great Wonder Woman.

– Jodi is a dog person.

– Jodi would like to cook dinner for her grandfather who raised her and lost when she was at a young age.

– Jodi was told to stop smiling while filming scenes of Gretchen killing people.

– Jodi dreams of opening a dog rescue center with her father and keep the dogs until they find a home.

– Ireland is a place @JodiLyn_Okeefe would love to visit someday. “I think this is the year.”

– Jodi always wanted to scare Matt Davis so bad to where he would pee his pants.

– Jodi’s favorite scenes to film were anything to do with magic, like giving Kai her magic.

“The most fun ever! I got to be a hooker. It was awesome.” Jodi on working on The Big Bang Theory.

“It was awful. I cried the entire time cause Matt was crying.” Jodi on filming the TVD wedding.

– How Jodi was told how she was going to die on TVD : “We’re going to murder you… on your wedding… With a knife in your stomach… While everyone is dying…”

– Question: What’s the tattoo on your ankle?
Jodi: it’s a cover up. I learned never get a tattoo with someone you could breakup with.

“I realized I have the same initials as JLO,” Jodi on explaining one of her tattoos.

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